Dec 29

In which I attempt to catch up

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I keep thinking “Today I’m going to update the blog”… and then as I’m drifting off to sleep I realize my good intentions were just that. Instead of back-blogging, I’m going to give you the past month in laundry (at least some form of laundry is getting done) format (and for Mimi, some pics!)

My Birthday Week – this really deserves much more than a bullet – not just because it was my birthday week, but because my husband went totally and completely out of his way to make the day week special. I had 7 full days of birthday celebrations and presents complete with flowers, special meals, awesome gifts (hello new pink ipod) and even a Saturday morning all to myself with nothing but a box of Lucky Charms to keep me busy. It was: Blissful!Lucky Charm Mama

The girls had their Christmas program at school. Actually – it was much more than just a Christmas program. In addition to the standard Mary, Joseph, Angels & Baby Jesus we had many colorful butterflies as the little girls showcased their ballet “skills”. I guess it’s just easier and more economical to have the ballet recital alongside the Christmas program.

Butterflies 2

The girls also were in a Christmas program at church. However, no butterflies at this one.
Little stars

We got to see Santa
Santa on his sleigh
Meeting Santa

We hosted a visitor from Texas. He was by far the easiest guest we’ve had to date.
Libby and Stan

We had some special family times reading the Christmas story each night and making many yummy treats
Christmas crafts with Papa

The girls could hardly sleep the night before Christmas and were thrilled the next morning to find that Santa did indeed come to Puerto Rico!
New babies
A new dollhouse

And there you have it. Bring on 2009!!


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Aug 09

Girly girls and gator fun

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Since Nana is now the next “Pink Cadillac Lady of Hot Springs” she treated the girls to a night of some girly-girl fun.

Here she is telling her clients all about the products and the benefits of using it:


And then showing Clara how to properly apply the eye shadow


But, no, Clara wanted to do it all “HERSELF”


Ahhh, the finished product. Clearly the girls thought the goal was to use ALL the makeup provided. I’m thinking they are probably not the models that MaryKay is looking for.


After makeovers the girls got to snuggle with Nana for a movie. I think her legs must have fallen asleep…but she wasn’t complaining ;)


The next day, Sho-Sho took his turn to have some fun with the girls and took them to the Gator Farm. Oh my. See the guy in the blue shirt? He is telling us all about the history of the farm, how they feed the gators and how at last week’s feeding, he got a little too close and ended up with 36 stitches in his arm.


This guy ran all around the enclosure tossing chicken to the gators to keep them at bay. As soon as he was out of chicken – he yelled “Clear the way…I’m coming out!” and he hopped over the fence. Something tells me their feeding procedures might need some updating…



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Aug 07

Not the week I planned – but it did get better :)

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On Wednesday, Libby was back to her fun loving self and so we left Little Rock and headed to Memphis for the afternoon to hang out with one of my best gal pals from college.

Sara is one incredible gal. She is still the smart, witty (albeit slightly ornery) and beautiful gal who joined me on midnight pizza parties and kept me laughing all through college. I’m forever grateful to Sara for having the wisdom to talk me out of one relationship with a boy and nudging me in the direction of another…the later eventually becoming my husband :) .


Sara is also an incredible mother to four adorable little girls (and one little boy on the way) and manages all this mothering with such grace while living in very different circumstances in Turkey. Yes, Turkey, as in…well, Turkey!

Here are my two with her youngest and oldest:[photopress:saras_girls_1.jpg,full,pp_empty]

The rest of our week in Little Rock we enjoyed time with our family and friends. The girls got in plenty of Mimi-time


and time with some of their best friends


While Becky and I managed one last trip to Target[photopress:becky_shopping.jpg,full,pp_empty]

We are now enjoying our last week in Hot Springs before heading back home on the 11th. Rumor has it that Scott is ready for our return ;)  





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Jul 18

On the road again and a surprise at the end

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We left Fayetteville on Wednesday and once again headed North – this time our destination: Kansas City.


Once again, the girls did pretty well on the trip and the slept for a good two hours while I got to listen to Dave Ramsey on the radio. I miss listening to the radio in the car! There isn’t a whole lot to see or do on the way – the highlight of the trip was the requisite potty stops at McDs


We were supposed to go straight to the airport and pick up Scott but I didn’t make as good of time as I intended and we were still South of KC when he landed – he offered to take a cab and meet us at the hotel. Since our last McD stop had been 2 hours earlier…and I had consumed an entire 32oz of Diet Dr Pepper…this worked well for me ;)

The girls and I got checked in at the hotel and I told them that in a few minutes there would be a surprise. They had NO CLUE that their Papa was coming here. I wish I would have thought to have my camera out when he knocked at the door because the look on their faces was priceless. They just kept looking at him…and then back at me…it took them a minute to run to him – but eventually they did and the rest of the night was all about being with Papa.



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Jul 17

I’m back and with once again armed with wi-fi

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Updated with pics :)

After a fun (and sun) filled week on the lake with Sho-Sho, we traveled to my mom’s house in Maumelle and went into pure LAZY mode and barely left the house. I have a ton of pics and will post soon but some of the highlights of the last week…

  • Playing dress-up in Mimi’s closet
  • Cooking with Mimi
  • Washing Mimi’s car and getting her all wet in the process (she actually thought she could wash a car with 2 three year olds and not get wet – silly woman)
  • A day at a really fun jumping gym place – the girls had an absolute blast!
  • Evenings at the park
  • Playtime with cousins
  • Mimi’s wonderful smoothies for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even 10pm snack :)







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Jul 07

“Are my cousins here yet?”

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As soon as we told the girls that their cousins would be joining them at Sho-Sho’s house the only question we heard was, “Are my cousins here yet?”

At first, they weren’t sure what to think of all these boys (and one very sweet little girl)


But it didn’t take long at all before they jumped right in and had a blast playing with them. At dinner time, a screaming match ensued one night. I figured it was because someone was “touching” (or something very 3 year-old like that) but no, it was because they were all fighting over who got to sit by Noah at the little kid’s table.


And the obsession with Noah didn’t end with dinner…as we were getting ready for bed I hear Libby asking Noah, “Will you please sweep (sleep) with me?”

The girls also enjoyed playing with Elizabeth and especially Clara seemed to think she was more her speed than the boys :)






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