Jul 04

Something’s not quite right

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I’m frustrated. It’s July and I haven’t hit my goal weight yet. Prime swimsuit season and I’m no where near “prime”. Ugh. I thought I did everything right this year – joined the gym, arranged for childcare, designed a great workout routine, etc. and still – something’s not quite right.

Scott was “helping” me work through my frustrations the other night and kindly suggested a solution, “Maybe you should actually go to the gym on a regular basis…just a thought, sweetie”. Oh – you mean I actually have to go to the gym to make this work? I guess he has a point.

So I went back to the gym yesterday for the first time in… um… well…let’s just say “a while” and had a great workout. Today I started the day (well, after the cheese omelet and biscuits – it’s a HOLIDAY, right?) with a nice long walk. Tomorrow I’m hitting the gym again.

At least that’s the plan. We’ll see how it goes. One day at a time, right?


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Jan 18

The scrunchie is BAAAAACK!

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Shhhh! Don’t tell Phoenix… but the scrunchie is back. Wait – before you make judgments about my fashion sense…or lack thereof…let me explain my need for the scrunchie.
I’ve wanted to get the girls into some type of day program for a while. They need the interaction and I need the break but so far nothing has been available for a time (and price) that works for us.
I’ve also wanted to work on “me” a bit more. Technically I’ve lost all my “baby” weight, but after endless months of injecting hormones into my body and back to back twin pregnancies, a little tuning is needed. All the parts are still there – it just seems that some have swapped places and others, well, let’s just say things aren’t as they used to be.

I’m thinking two birds – one stone. Maybe there is a gym that offers onsite childcare?  

I do some research and find a gym about 10 minutes from here. A quick tour with Brandon showed everything a girl would want. A bazillion cardio and weight machines – check.  Pool, sauna and whirlpool – check. Every fitness class imaginable – check. Racquetball and basketball courts– check. And childcare – check. All included in the membership.

I ask Brandon, “So how much extra is the childcare?” and he replies, ”It’s all included in the membership.”

Now he has my undivided attention. “So technically I could come hang out in the whirlpool for an hour and read a book and you’ll take care of my kids?” Brandon nods.

Done. Sign me up.

I joined on New Year’s Eve – so it’s not really a New Year’s resolution since I started last year – right? And since it’s not a New Year’s resolution then I don’t have that overwhelming tendency to fail – right? Right.

So – the scrunchie is back – but only for the purpose of getting in shape and I’m sure Phoenix would agree that is a perfectly good reason for breaking the fashion rules.


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