Oct 26

And we’re off…

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House packed – goodbyes said – we leave in 2 hours.




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Oct 16

No deal

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Our offer on house #1 was not accepted (no big surprise there) and it doesn’t look like the seller will reduce their price enough for us to be comfortable with that house – just too many improvements to be made – so we’ve moved on to house #2 and are waiting to hear back about an offer on that home.

In the meantime, we signed a lease through the end of the year for a condo on the beach since all our stuff won’t get here until mid December. While Scott is stuck in a office, the girls and I will be building sand castles and searching for seashells to our hearts’ content ;)


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Oct 15

Promises in the sky

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As we drive around here, there are a lot of familiar sights and that gives some sense of comfort because it’s things that are known to me…and much, much loved (btw, I’m pleased to report that Starbucks is alive and well in PR). Yesterday we were driving and I found myself almost giddy to see a familiar sight – a bright red circle in the sky – that means only one thing – a Target store!!!


Those who know me well know just how deep my love runs for Target and how my current location – nestled in the burbs of the midwest – allows me the ability to be at any one of 5 Target stores in under 20 minutes. It’s truly a Target lover’s utopia.

However, the closer we got, the hope of a Target was quickly diminished. It was indeed a Target – just not anything near what I was expecting. [photopress:Target_PR_2.gif,full,pp_empty]. I’m not exactly sure what it was, but a marketing-megachain-filled-with-trendy-merchandise it was not.

On a much brighter note – this is what we were greeted with after a short rainshower yesterday. The scenery here is just breathtaking. Target or not – it simply doesn’t get much better than this.




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Oct 14

Home shopping – PR style

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Shopping for a home is definitely different here. For one, there are no lock boxes and it doesn’t appear that realtors use the MLS like in the states. To see a home is an EVENT. Forget just driving around with your realtor in a neighborhood you like. First of all, everything is gated so you can’t even access the neighborhood without the permission of the individual homeowner. Next, to see a home that isn’t listed with the same listing company requires the coordination between the listing agent and our agent – as both are present for the tour and in most cases the listing agent brings another person (co-agent? not sure – they usually don’t say anything). Finally – if the home is occupied, the homeowner is also present – making 3 independent schedules to coordinate. So the tour of the home includes up to 7 or even 8 people – which can make for entertaining tours with everyone pointing out all the features of the home.

We’ve seen some nice homes and we’ve seen some not-so-nice homes. In general, it seems more attention and investment is given to exterior portions of the home. In the states, I’ve been in many homes where the exterior was plain or even unappealing yet the interior was spectacular. Not the case here. Many homes we’ve seen have fantastic exterior including glistening pools and beautiful patios yet the interior was in need of much repair. Just as in most urban areas, the further out from the city you go, the more house you can get for the money – you just trade home for time – commute time. We are trying to find the right balance – far out enough where we can get a nice home. Close in enough where Scott isn’t driving an hour each way to get to work.

We did narrow our search down to one neighborhood and 2 homes in that neighborhood. We made an offer on one of the houses today. It was low and will not be accepted. We just don’t know if they will entertain us and be willing to negotiate or if they will tell us to get lost.


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Oct 09

My personal rollercoaster ride

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So today Scott and I arrived in San Juan. The flight was nice – no delays and rather uneventful. We got our bags – both arrived safe and sound. We got our rental car and took off towards the hotel, checked in and then went back out to do some sightseeing.

Scott says, “You okay? You are being really quiet.”

Me: “Oh, I’m just taking it all in.”

Scott (13 years of marriage – he knows better): “Really, what are you thinking right now?”

Me: “You remember when you got up the nerve up for the first time to ride a rolller coaster at Six Flags? You are scared to death but you figure it’s totally safe – people do this EVERY DAY – I can DO this…and you get strapped in and your heart starts to race and you think, “is it too late to get off” and then – the coaster starts…and your stomach turns and you realize you can’t get off and your’re just thinking… ‘Oh. My. Goodness. What. Have. I. Done…’ Yeah. That’s pretty what I’m thinking right now.”



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Oct 05

To Do: Ship Car – Check.

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Goodbye my friend. See you across the ocean in a few weeks![photopress:Bye_Bye_Car.gif,full,pp_empty]


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