Sep 08

Doing Disney – Day 1

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Well, I had all these intentions of blogging each night of our trip…and here we are nearing the END of our trip and I have YET to complete a single entry – but rest assured many entries have been created – in my head at least – and of course many pictures taken. I’m going to try to play catch up.

Our first day we decided to jump right in and do Magic Kingdom. Just as we were coming into the park, we were treated to a wonderful show right on center stage at the castle with many of the characters – including the much anticipated Princesses.



By the expressions on the girls’ faces, you would wonder if they were even enjoying it. They didn’t cheer, clap or even crack a smile. They were completely mesmerized.


After lunch we started on the rides – first up was the Buzz Lightyear ride. I wasn’t sure how the girls would respond to rides – the only experience they have with rides is the train and carousel at the zoo – and the last time they rode the carousel, Clara clung to her Papa for dear life. Much to our delight – they LOVED the ride and came off yelling “Let’s do it again!!”.
We were very excited to meet Buzz – until we actually got up to him and then Clara decides that after waiting in line for 30 minutes, she doesn’t want a picture. I pulled a classic parental response…”Oh yes you are…we waited 30 minutes for this, I’m getting your picture!” response. Nice, eh?


We spent the remainder of the afternoon riding many of the classic rides – Dumbo, Peter Pan, Jungle cruise – some over and over again.



We were so thrilled that they enjoyed rides – but of course we should have known…their favorite ride? “It’s a Small World” – what IS it about that ride that kids love so much?? We endured it twice before we said ENOUGH and went on to something else.


That evening we got to meet up with one of my favorite gal pals, Jenn, who lives in the area. It was a total treat to get to see her and her 3 miracles. Heh, for a couple of infertile girls, we didn’t do so bad, did we?


After a very full and long day, we called it a night. As we all drifted off to sleep we could hear one very tired but very happy Libby whispering to her dog…”Dreams come true…dreams come true…”


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Sep 07

Doing Disney

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We left PR bright and early Friday morning – well, actually it wasn’t bright at all – we left our home several hours before the sun even rose for the day and thankfully our trip was totally uneventful. Our flight was on time and we took the first bus to the resort, dropped off our things in our room (which was even ready) and were on the bus to the park by 10AM.


And so now we are immersing ourselves in all things Disney so consider yourself warned – the next few entries will contain a photo…or two…oh heck, it’s pretty much going to just be photos for the next week :)



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Sep 04

Following the storms

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Our first hurricane season and it’s been an active one. I’m not usually a weather channel watcher – at all – but find myself tuning in at least once a day these past few weeks. Thankfully Gustav missed us and Hanna just brought some rain and localized flooding. We’ve had intermittent power outages for the past month – only once was it for more than 20 minutes – but that one night renewed our interest in getting a generator installed.

Next up, Ike gets his turn – he is “supposed” to stay north of us. And of course just behind him is Josephine – and it’s too early to tell where she will make landfall – but she is moving in our general direction.

So, yeah, we are following the storms…in more ways than one. We leave PR bright and early tomorrow morning - just in time to make it to Florida to welcome the effects of Hanna and then Ike before coming back to PR in time for Josephine’s magic. Or at least that’s the plan. Maybe Josephine will give us an extended vacation – I can’t think of a better place to be “stranded” than Disney :) .


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Aug 10

One last goodbye

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After six weeks of vacation fun, our time in the States is over and tomorrow we head back to Puerto Rico. The girls are very ready for “my Puerto Rico” and more importantly, “My Papa” and I’m excited to be home once again too. But, man, does this mean I have to cook again? Cause I could seriously get used to this no cooking gig.


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Aug 09

Girly girls and gator fun

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Since Nana is now the next “Pink Cadillac Lady of Hot Springs” she treated the girls to a night of some girly-girl fun.

Here she is telling her clients all about the products and the benefits of using it:


And then showing Clara how to properly apply the eye shadow


But, no, Clara wanted to do it all “HERSELF”


Ahhh, the finished product. Clearly the girls thought the goal was to use ALL the makeup provided. I’m thinking they are probably not the models that MaryKay is looking for.


After makeovers the girls got to snuggle with Nana for a movie. I think her legs must have fallen asleep…but she wasn’t complaining ;)


The next day, Sho-Sho took his turn to have some fun with the girls and took them to the Gator Farm. Oh my. See the guy in the blue shirt? He is telling us all about the history of the farm, how they feed the gators and how at last week’s feeding, he got a little too close and ended up with 36 stitches in his arm.


This guy ran all around the enclosure tossing chicken to the gators to keep them at bay. As soon as he was out of chicken – he yelled “Clear the way…I’m coming out!” and he hopped over the fence. Something tells me their feeding procedures might need some updating…



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Aug 07

Not the week I planned – but it did get better :)

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On Wednesday, Libby was back to her fun loving self and so we left Little Rock and headed to Memphis for the afternoon to hang out with one of my best gal pals from college.

Sara is one incredible gal. She is still the smart, witty (albeit slightly ornery) and beautiful gal who joined me on midnight pizza parties and kept me laughing all through college. I’m forever grateful to Sara for having the wisdom to talk me out of one relationship with a boy and nudging me in the direction of another…the later eventually becoming my husband :) .


Sara is also an incredible mother to four adorable little girls (and one little boy on the way) and manages all this mothering with such grace while living in very different circumstances in Turkey. Yes, Turkey, as in…well, Turkey!

Here are my two with her youngest and oldest:[photopress:saras_girls_1.jpg,full,pp_empty]

The rest of our week in Little Rock we enjoyed time with our family and friends. The girls got in plenty of Mimi-time


and time with some of their best friends


While Becky and I managed one last trip to Target[photopress:becky_shopping.jpg,full,pp_empty]

We are now enjoying our last week in Hot Springs before heading back home on the 11th. Rumor has it that Scott is ready for our return ;)  





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