Aug 06

Not the week I planned – at the hospital – times 3

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My week in Little Rock started out rather rotten. After the initial incident, I gave Libby a cup and told her to please deposit any future treasures in that. She didn’t put the cup down the for the rest of the trip – even holding it to her mouth all through the Wal-Mart store we stopped in to get some things to clean up with.

The next couple of days we were housebound – wanting to make sure Libby was fine before we ventured out. In the end, I think it was just a cold and the congestion just upset her tummy. On Monday, Libby had an appointment with her vascular surgeon, Dr. Lisa, as a follow up from the removal of her hemangioma a year ago. Here is a picture of it before we did any treatment


This is after laser treatment and right before we had it removed last year


A few days after removal


And today


Dr. Lisa recommended that we do a series of laser treatments to lighten up the remaining redness in the skin and since we were in town, she scheduled Libby for that Thursday morning – assuming her congestion was cleared up by then – and we headed back to Mimi’s house.

Once there, I dropped off Libby, grabbed a quick bite to eat and then got in the car and headed BACK to the hospital – this time for me.

When we were in KC, I had an unsettling episode at dinner one night with chest pain. I dismissed it at the time because, well, I’m not old enough to have a heart problem! But even a few days later, I was still having some discomfort and my mom was having none of this, “Oh – I’m sure it’s nothing…” and insisted I go get it checked out. (and yes, of course she was right – aren’t they always right?!).

I walked into the ER and they asked if they could help me. I told them I was looking for the “Chest Pain Center” and they asked who I was there to see ;) . They were a little surprised when I said that I WAS the patient. After 4 hours, they ruled out anything related to the heart and decided I had a bad case of GERD – which was music to my ears. GERD is a great diagnosis when you compare it to the alternative. And so I went back to Mimi’s with my new prescription for Prilosec and all was well with the world.

On Tuesday, Libby seemed to be feeling much better and we ventured out to meet some friends to play for the day.




We had a great time at the water park, but that turned out to be not the greatest idea when Libby began screaming at lunch that her ear hurt. Being the nurturing mother I am, I took a quick look, saw a little blood and said, “Oh, you are fine – it’s just a little scratch.”

By that afternoon, she has refused cookies (huge hint here) and then again said her ear hurt. I took another look inside…and all I could see was blood. Oiy. Not good. Of course it’s now 5:00 and Dr’s offices are closed so off we went to the hospital for the THIRD time in 2 days.

Once there, Libby was a total clown and I think she rather enjoyed all the attention she was getting


We even found ways to entertain ourselves while we waited for the Dr


Of course it turned out to be an ear infection and the Dr felt that antiobiotics would help and so off we went to the pharmacy for some drugs. I called and cancelled the treatment for Thursday – quite frankly I had spent enough time at the hospital in the past 2 days and didn’t know if Libby would even be feeling good enough.

By the next morning, Libby was feeling much better and no more complaints about the ear and so we headed off for another little adventure…



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Aug 04

Not the week I planned

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We left KC and I had planned a week of fun around Little Rock. However, about an hour outside of KC all that changed.

Libby caught a little cold while we were in KC – nothing major, just a few coughs and sniffles. We packed up the car, grabbed a quick breakfast to go and hit the road first thing on Saturday. I was feeling pretty good about getting everything packed and in the car and we were making good time – hoping to get into Little Rock in the early afternoon.

We were about an hour outside of KC when Libby started to cough a little. “Libby, sweetie, take a drink.”


“Libby, are you okay?”

More silence…followed by a bit more coughing…a little whine…and then THE cough…followed by THE cry…and then…I smelled it.

Now, I’m an hour outside of KC. I’ve got a car full of items – but nothing to clean up this mess. All I see for miles is corn. Lots and lots of corn – and the nearest town is another 30 minutes ahead. 

So THAT is how my week began.

And did I mention the carseat was brand new? Yep. Brand-spankin’-new.

At least the car was a rental ;)


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Aug 03

A few shots of Kansas

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I neglected to do much blogging while in KC. Scott ended up having a ton of work to do and the girls and I stayed busy from sun up to sun down visiting friends and having a great time. And there may have been a shopping trip…or two ;)

I did, however, manage to get some pictures – here are a few:









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Jul 25

Last night in Kansas

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Wow. 10 days of fun is suddenly over and we have said “goodbye” to Kansas City one last time.

Tomorrow the girls and I head back to Arkansas for 2 more weeks and Scott heads back to Puerto Rico.

You know, this whole “goodbye” thing is starting to get a little old.


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Jul 18

On the road again and a surprise at the end

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We left Fayetteville on Wednesday and once again headed North – this time our destination: Kansas City.


Once again, the girls did pretty well on the trip and the slept for a good two hours while I got to listen to Dave Ramsey on the radio. I miss listening to the radio in the car! There isn’t a whole lot to see or do on the way – the highlight of the trip was the requisite potty stops at McDs


We were supposed to go straight to the airport and pick up Scott but I didn’t make as good of time as I intended and we were still South of KC when he landed – he offered to take a cab and meet us at the hotel. Since our last McD stop had been 2 hours earlier…and I had consumed an entire 32oz of Diet Dr Pepper…this worked well for me ;)

The girls and I got checked in at the hotel and I told them that in a few minutes there would be a surprise. They had NO CLUE that their Papa was coming here. I wish I would have thought to have my camera out when he knocked at the door because the look on their faces was priceless. They just kept looking at him…and then back at me…it took them a minute to run to him – but eventually they did and the rest of the night was all about being with Papa.



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Jul 17

Pit-stop in NWA

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We left Maumelle on Tuesday and headed North – first stopping at the new(ish) Chick-Fil-A in Conway, of course. That makes 2 Chick-Fil-A meals so far…however I’m sure there will be a few more before the end of this journey ;) . The girls did great in the car – despite the lack of a DVD player (are we totally spoiled or what?) and thankfully we only had a 3 hour drive. We stopped for the night in Fayetteville and had a wonderful time with Denise, Heath, W & A.


The girls were in heaven in A’s room. I should have taken a picture but Denise and I were enjoying the peace and quiet while the girls did everything princess, Barbie and baby that we just let them be. W had just had a birthday and seemed perfectly content and happy that the girls were out of his way so he could focus on his newest toys on his own ;) . A gave up her princess bed for the night and let the girls sleep there and she slept on the floor. The girls either recognized what a huge treat that was or the threat of having to sleep on the floor by me was so unappealing that they settled down very quickly for the night. I made my way up to the guest loft that is furnished like a quaint little B&B with handmade quilts, a mini-fridge, water pitcher, and even some slippers beside the bed. I’m telling ya, that D - she is a quite the hostess! (Um, D – those slippers WERE for me to take with me, right? ;) ).


We feasted on pizza (yummy Papa Murphy’s veggie pizza!), breadsticks and the cookies that I got suckered into buying when I went to get the pizzas. Because when you eat pizza…AND breadsticks…you NEED cookies afterwards. Sheesh. But, they were good :)

Denise and I don’t see each other too often but keep in touch via email and phone. i think she may have mentioned she got a new dog (she claims she did) but NEVER did she divulge important information about this dog nor did she send a picture. Turner is over 200 pounds. Yes, OVER TWO-HUNDRED POUNDS – at about 100, we aren’t talking “dog” anymore. At at 200, Turner is a horse – who just happens to act like a dog. And Turner really has NO clue just how large he is. The girls were a bit afraid at first (heck, I was a bit afraid at first!) but he really is a gentle giant and a very sweet dog horse. Clara even enjoyed climbing on his back.


Unfortunately our visit was only for a night – but we’ll be back!


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