Oct 06


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Two back to back “funnies” tonight:

I was putting away laundry and Clara asks, “Mom, are those Papa’s shorts?”

“Yes, they are.”

“Did you wash them?”


“Did you ask him if it was okay if you washed them?”

Somehow I think it’s quite alright with him if I wash his clothes. Although if he objected, I wouldn’t either.

And then later tonight I was reading “The Little Mermaid” to the girls. We got to the part about Ursula turning Ariel into her slave if she doesn’t win Prince’s Eric’s love and get his kiss in 3 days. The girls asked, “Mom – what’s a slave?”

“Well, it’s someone who has to work for someone else all the time. They have to work really hard and never get to do anything they want to and don’t get to have any fun.”

And Libby says, “Just like you mom.”

I’m not really sure how to take that. Hmmmmm.


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Oct 02

Touching Tongues

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We were in Costco and the girls were doing their usual thing while there – pinching, poking, pulling on and hugging each other. Whenever you get those two in those double carts they must pester each other. So we go in the “cold room” and the girls snuggle close…then they start to kiss each other…then they do “nosey kisses” and then we hear…

“Hey Wibby. Let’s touch tongues!”

It was like it was all happening in slow motion. Scott and I both turn around and are both trying to say, “Noooooooooooo” but it was too late. They were sitting in the cart – both wagging their tongues at each other and giggling with delight.

I think everyone around us stood still. As if we needed anything else to bring attention to us in the store.

As disgusting as it was, we were both in a fit of laughter from it. And trying to tell them to stop, while laughing, just wasn’t that effective.

Ahh, the life of little girls :)


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Sep 29

Confessions of an annoyed mom

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Before kids, I had many idealistic views of parenting. I would never raise my voice, get angry, or feel annoyed with my children. And of course, those of you who are parents are probably grinning…because you know the reality of that just isn’t reality.  

I’m a member of an online community called “Parenting After Infertility” or “PAI” for short. PAI was birthed out of Hannah’s Prayer (a ministry for infertility and loss) and is a support group that addresses some of the challenges that you face once you become a parent AFTER dealing with infertility.

One discussion we have on PAI is “For this child I prayed and now I feel…” and today I finished the sentence with:

“For this child I prayed and now I feel…. Annoyed.”

I have very few outlets here – things that I get to do for “me”. Last week, I joined a ladies Bible Study on Monday mornings and it was WONDERFUL – most all of the ladies are “transplants” too and so totally get what this whole experience is like. Many of them also go to my church and I have been looking forward to just getting to know them better since you can only get so far with conversation during the 5 minute “meet & greet” on Sundays.

Libby wasn’t feeling well yesterday so I stayed home from church with the girls but I thought she should be fine today. When I got both the girls up and dressed for school, I could tell Libby wasn’t feeling great – but she came down for breakfast so I thought maybe after a little food she would perk up.

During breakfast (pancakes – a favorite) she just put her head on the table and I knew then that my day wasn’t going to be anything like I had planned.


I know, I know. I should be gushing with sympathy and compassion – the poor kid is SICK for crying out loud – but all I could think of was “I’m going to miss MY time today”.

I asked her if she needed to stay home and she just nodded “yes”. Clara then piped up, “I’m sick too!” but when I explained that when we stay home sick, we stay on the couch or in bed, Clara was instantly healed of her ailments.  

So – I took Clara to school and brought Libby back home. She is now resting on the couch watching some Noggin and she does seem to be feeling better. However, I think it’s just the effects of the Motrin kicking in.


There’s always next week.


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Sep 28

Dirty eating

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Clara was outside eating a snack on the terrace. I heard the bowl drop and snack spill. The next thing I know, Clara is handing me her bowl asking for more.

“Did you drop your snack outside?”

“Yes, I dropped it all – but then I picked it up.”

“Then what did you do with it?”

“I put it in my bowl.”

(Looking at her empty bowl) “Then where is it now?”

“In my tummy!”

“Clara, honey, you don’t eat off the floor! That’s dirty!”

“But Mom, I didn’t eat off the floor. I put it in my bowl and ate from my bowl.”


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Sep 17

Going on a field trip and other school notes

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The girls are in preschool 5 mornings a week and they LOVE it. It’s honestly been a nice break for me too  and since they are home by noon each day, I don’t feel like they are gone forever.

Last week they told me their class would be taking a field trip to the library and then to the pizza shop for lunch and parents were welcome to come. And so, I went along with their class.

I was a bit apprehensive because not only would I be taking my two, but would also be responsible for 3 additional children who most likely didn’t speak English. And as I’ve mentioned before, my Spanish is most definately lacking in vocabulary grammer pronuciation pretty much everything. I had visions of me trying to tell the kids to hold hands as we crossed a street and instead telling them to hold a foot or something. Thankfully they put a classroom aide in my car with me :) .

I had yet to visit the library - the outside doesn’t give you too much of a desire to go inside but it was actually quite nice. The librarian was very friendly and the story time area was all set up for the kids.

Can you pick out my two? ;)


After they read the story, they asked for volunteers to come act it out. My girls immediately raised their hands. I’m not sure they knew what they were raising their hands for but just mimmicked the other kids doing it.

Libby was so proud of her pig nose (mom trying really hard to not think of all the germs inside it)[photopress:Libby_at_Story_Time.jpg,full,pp_empty]


After story time, we took all the kids to a pizza place for lunch. The girls were a bit concerned when they were served a glass of coke with lunch. They took one sip and asked for “aqua”. Mama was proud :)


The field trip was fun and I’m glad I went. It was neat to watch the girls interact with the other kids and see how they are coping with school firsthand as it’s a bit different from what we are used to.

We were asked bring a backpack to school so that they could bring home any assignments – I was thinking that meant to bring home art projects & such that they completed at school.


It’s to bring home assignments. As in: HOMEWORK! Wha? They are THREE!

They have this workbook that they work in each day at school and then 3 days a week or so, it comes home with them with an assignment.

The work is fun – coloring, counting, tracing, cutting, etc. The girls don’t see it as “work” at all. In fact, on days they don’t have any they are bummed. It’s work for me though.  I have to get out my dictionary to understand all the instructions. I’m pretty sure it takes me longer to translate the instructions than it does for them to complete the assignment.


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Sep 01

Ballerina Girls

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We have now entered into the wide world of extra-curricular activities at our house – namely, ballet. When I told the girls they were going to take classes this year, they were over-the-moon excited. What little girl wouldn’t be excited about pink tutus and tights?

As soon as we got home with their outfits they wanted to put everything on. Of course I wanted pictures and tried hard to snap one but it wasn’t easy with all the spinning, twirling and bowing…



They take ballet at their school – and after their lesson they get to play on the playground – in their ballet outfits, of course. I have a feeling we will go through many a pair of tights this year.



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