Nov 30

A picture’s worth…

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I often get frustrated with the amount of time I spend cleaning my house. Seriously, in all of my adult life, I’ve NEVER cleaned a house this much (okay, truth be told, back in the DINK days we just paid someone to do it – not so much anymore).  And just when I’m finally pleased with the cleanliness of a room, two little tornados come running through and I’m right back where I started. It really is like a game, once you score a point you have to quickly get back on defense and defend your territory or you will lose every inch of ground you just gained. And just as in any game, my opponents seem to take great pleasure in scoring points against me – just look at the fun they are having…


Notice the complete lack of fear as I catch them in the act. Fear? Who are you kidding? They are having the time of their lives!



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Nov 17

What did I just say?

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The other day I was getting lunch ready for the girls. We had been very busy that morning and I was rushing around trying to get them fed and down for a nap before that glorious window for falling asleep had passed. You know what I’m talking about – if you wait too long to put them down – they either don’t sleep or they sleep so hard that they wake up all in a funk. I needed sleep and no funk that day and I was on a mission to get just that.

The girls were sitting in their booster seats – (mostly) patiently waiting for their food. I quickly threw together a stick of cheese, some apple and a few crackers and presented it. Tada! Lunch in less than 2 minutes :)

“Alright girls – Hurry up – let’s eat!” I beamed. They both responded by pushing their plates away and saying,”Pay!”, which translated means “Pray”.

In my haste, I responded with, “We don’t have time to pray! Just eat!”

I couldn’t believe what just came out of my mouth! What did I just teach my children? That we don’t have time to pray? I shook my head in disbelief, went back and prayed – thanking God for my 2 little reminders and for a little added measure of patience.


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Oct 17

Did I mention?

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Libby has a fat lip today – did I mention that?

Did I mention that I accidently gave it to her?

Did I mention that I accidently gave it to her when the tip of the shovel hit her when she ran up behind me?

Did I mention that I was using the shovel to scoop poop?

Yep, that’s right. Go ahead and give me the mother of the year award – I hit my kid in the mouth with a shovel full of poop. Impressed, no?

I’m thinking this doesn’t need to go into her baby book…



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Sep 07

It’s veeery, veeery quiet here

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It’s 10:00 am and my house is as quiet as can be…and my girls aren’t napping – they are at SCHOOL!! I decided to take a short term contract with THE bank this fall, and to free up some time to work, I enrolled the girls in a program at a church around the corner. They will go one day a week for now – maybe two down the road if all goes well. All going well meaning them AND me… 

We’ve been talking about “cool” (school) all week. Buying “pacpac” (backbacks) and “boses” (lunchboxes) and new sippy cups. Every time they would see their lunchboxes they would proudly say “Cool!”. When we got there, I told them that this was school and they were going to go to class with their friends. They marched right in and went into the first class they saw. Unfortunately it was the 3 year old class and I had to tell them this wasn’t their class and take them out. Libby was not happy at all because there were treats on the table and a big tub of beads that she had already eyed. In their class their teacher, Ms Jennifer, was waiting for them and they went right in. Clara immediatly grabbed a puzzle and took it to the table to work on it. Libby just looked all around the room and then made a beeline for the teacher’s cabinet of goodies :) That’s my girl – always wanting what she can’t have! 

I quickly unloaded all of their gear and said goodbye. Clara immediately waved bye and gave me a kiss. Libby followed me out into the hallway :( saying “mama? mama?”. I think she understood more than Clara what was happening. I took her back in and quickly made my exit. No tears from either girl so hopefully all will go well. As for mom? I held back the tears too…until I got back in the car :( . [photopress:Ready_for_school.jpg,full,pp_empty]







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Jul 14

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

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The good news is that Clara found a treasure while playing today…

The bad news is that it was a week-old sippy cup of milk that was hidden in the corner of the play room…

The GOOD GOOD news is that it was so old it had solidified to the point that she wasn’t able to drink it through the spout.

Nice, huh?


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May 15

It’s mother’s day…

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It’s that time of year again when all mother’s are honored. I should be beaming – It’s “my” day – I’m a mother!…I’m grateful for the two miracles I’ve been blessed with but honestly I have a hard time reveling in a day that only brings so much pain for others.  

I hurt for my many friends who long to be mothers and cannot. I hurt for my friends who are mothers but whose physical arms are empty because their children have passed away. I hurt for my friends who don’t have good relationships with their mothers. And I hurt for my dear friends who don’t have their mothers here on earth.

For all of you – I love you and hold you in my prayers today.



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