Nov 15


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My Libby has a style all of her own. She is always making up some new costume or look. I just love her creativity sometimes!

Here is a sampling of some of her creations.

Here she is at a birthday party where we were supposed to come in costume. We have a zillion princess dresses but she wanted to be a “Super Hero” and came up with this costume all on her own. (Clara was Dora)[photopress:teeter_totter.jpg,full,pp_empty]

One day she wanted to wear her hair like one of her friend’s at school and insisted on as many “ponies” as I could get in it(and yes, she did go to school like this)[photopress:crazy_hair_libby.jpg,full,pp_empty]


Here she is declaring that she was ready to go to the store (and I let her wear the boots but insisted on something besides pajamas ;) )

And finally – here she is pretending to be one of our favorite people… Ms Krystal from KC:)[photopress:Dress_up_Krystal.jpg,full,pp_empty]

Oops – I’ve been corrected. The last picture was Clara…not Libby. I was going to change it but figured several of you would get a giggle out of the fact that I – THEIR OWN MOTHER – got them mixed up ;)


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Oct 11

Acclimation – take 2

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Today we sat down to plan the girls 4th birthday (HOW can this be???) – we asked the girls what we needed for a party. They came up with just two things. Anyone want to guess at what they might be?

Balloons? Nope

Cake? Nope

Presents? Surprisingly, nope – didn’t EVEN mention presents.

For a successful party, evidently we just need two things:

1) Bug spray – “so the ‘squitos’ don’t bite anyone”

2) Germ lotion – “in case we get germs on our ‘selfes’”

And there you are – anyone want to come to our party?  ‘Cause it’s sure to be a ‘squito’ and germ free celebration.


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Oct 06


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Two back to back “funnies” tonight:

I was putting away laundry and Clara asks, “Mom, are those Papa’s shorts?”

“Yes, they are.”

“Did you wash them?”


“Did you ask him if it was okay if you washed them?”

Somehow I think it’s quite alright with him if I wash his clothes. Although if he objected, I wouldn’t either.

And then later tonight I was reading “The Little Mermaid” to the girls. We got to the part about Ursula turning Ariel into her slave if she doesn’t win Prince’s Eric’s love and get his kiss in 3 days. The girls asked, “Mom – what’s a slave?”

“Well, it’s someone who has to work for someone else all the time. They have to work really hard and never get to do anything they want to and don’t get to have any fun.”

And Libby says, “Just like you mom.”

I’m not really sure how to take that. Hmmmmm.


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Oct 02

Touching Tongues

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We were in Costco and the girls were doing their usual thing while there – pinching, poking, pulling on and hugging each other. Whenever you get those two in those double carts they must pester each other. So we go in the “cold room” and the girls snuggle close…then they start to kiss each other…then they do “nosey kisses” and then we hear…

“Hey Wibby. Let’s touch tongues!”

It was like it was all happening in slow motion. Scott and I both turn around and are both trying to say, “Noooooooooooo” but it was too late. They were sitting in the cart – both wagging their tongues at each other and giggling with delight.

I think everyone around us stood still. As if we needed anything else to bring attention to us in the store.

As disgusting as it was, we were both in a fit of laughter from it. And trying to tell them to stop, while laughing, just wasn’t that effective.

Ahh, the life of little girls :)


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Sep 28

Dirty eating

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Clara was outside eating a snack on the terrace. I heard the bowl drop and snack spill. The next thing I know, Clara is handing me her bowl asking for more.

“Did you drop your snack outside?”

“Yes, I dropped it all – but then I picked it up.”

“Then what did you do with it?”

“I put it in my bowl.”

(Looking at her empty bowl) “Then where is it now?”

“In my tummy!”

“Clara, honey, you don’t eat off the floor! That’s dirty!”

“But Mom, I didn’t eat off the floor. I put it in my bowl and ate from my bowl.”


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Aug 29

What happens when Mama takes a nap

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I have a feeling it went something like this…

“Papa. Can we go to the park?”

“No, not right now – maybe later.”

“Papa, can we go to the store?”

“No, not right now – maybe later.”

“Papa, can we go swimming?”

“Um, well, maybe. How about in a few minutes.”

(Papa is begining to show signs of weakness now and they know it)

“Papa, can we paint?”

“Hmmm. Does your Mama let you paint?”


“Okay then.”


What he didn’t ask (and they didn’t offer) was if Mama lets them paint on their own.


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