Jun 18

Clara funnies

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Clara has been just cracking me up lately – she says some of the funniest and most clever things sometimes. Here are a few of the things she has said lately…

“Mom – why are you wearing that?”

“What? My bra? Because I’m an adult.”

“Oh. I don’t like it.”

“Well, when you are older, you will wear one too.”

“But I’m going to be a MAIL-CARRIER” (side note – Clara is obsessed with mail-carriers right now – I’ve NO CLUE where that came from?!)

“That’s great – you can be a mail-carrier…but you will still wear a bra.” (and yes, I’m fully aware that at that point it *will* be optional for her…I’m just gonna go with the hope that she will chose to wear one ;) ).

“Mooo-om, mail carriers don’t wear bras!”

To which I just had to laugh – where do they get this stuff?


And then yesterday she was telling me about a new friend at school

“What is your new friend’s name?”

“I don’t know – she is the princess one”

“The princess one – why is that?”

“Because she wears princess shoes – just like me.”

Since THAT narrowed it down so much, I asked: “Oh, I see. So what does she look like?”

“Um….herself. She looks like herself.”



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May 19

Cause nothing says sweet dreams quite like this

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Most kids have a bedtime lovie. That special something that soothes them at night and helps them get to sleep. Perhaps a blanket, a teddy bear, or a favorite stuffed animal.

Or, perhaps…something completely different.

The other night we headed to the beach to play a bit after dinner. The girls had fun running in the sand and picking up random treasures they found. As usual, they begged to bring their treasures home – we told them they could each pick one and they each chose a coconut. Usually beach treasures stay outside – but evidently this nightly find made it’s way inside.

After everyone was fast asleep for the night, I went in to tuck the girls in before I headed to bed and this is how I found Clara…





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Apr 01

Questioning Candles

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Walking around downtown at night can lead to lots of comments from 3 year olds.

“Mama – that man was trying to give me that cup of money!” (Quite the opposite, I’m afraid)


“Mama – be quiet – that man is sleeping there” (Yeah, more like passed out)

But by far the funniest comment lately has to be this one by Libby the other night:

“Mama! Look! That adult has a candle in her mouth! She’s not supposed to put candles in her mouth!” (Oh, how I agree!)




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Feb 26

In which Mimi would be so proud

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As we are cleaning up the playroom today, Libby picks up something and asks,

“Mom. What’s this?”

“Um – it’s play food.”

“What kind of play food?”

“Looks like green beans.”

“No. That’s silly. Green beans don’t come in a can.”


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Nov 14

On prison and Heaven – conversations with a 3 year old

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The girls and I were out driving the other day. As we passed a large building, Clara exclaims, “Look Mama! A big hotel-a!!”

“That’s not a hotel. That’s a prison.”

“A prison? I want to go to the prison.”

“Oh sweetie. No, you don’t want to go to a prison.”

“But mama, other people get to go to the prison.” (her standard response when I say no to something…”but other people get to”)

“Yes, they do. But a prison is not fun. It’s punishment. It’s kind of like time-out for adults.”

” ‘Cause they didn’t obey?”

“Right, because they didn’t obey. They did something to hurt someone else.”

“Oh. That’s not very nice. They not supposed to hurt other people. That is rude. And love is not rude – that’s what Ms Becky says.”

(Laughing) “Yes, sweetie that is right. They were rude and now they have a consequence.”

—-Two days later—-

“Mama, I miss Dakota.” (side note – I never blogged about this but Dakota died about a month before we moved)

“Yeah, sweetie. I do to.”

“Mama, where is Dakota?”

I gave her my standard answer that up until now has sufficed, “She lives someplace else now.”

“Where does Dakota live? Where someplace else?”

“Well, sweetie, she is in Heaven.”

“I want to go to Heaven.”

“Oh sweetie, I know but you can’t go to Heaven right now.”

“But other people get to go to Heaven.”

“Yes, other people get to go to Heaven. And someday, a long long time from now, you may go there too but not now. ”

And then she played her trump card, “But, Mama, Jesus is in Heaven.”

Right. I couldn’t very well continue the debate so I just hugged my sweet girl and told her that right now, her Mama needed her here and she seemed satisfied with that.



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Jul 28

Somewhere between not and ready…

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It’s been a crazy week at our place – lots of drama, activity and excitement…because somewhere in the middle of “I’m not ready and she is,” Libs decided to potty train herself. Yep, that’s right – the kid just started using the potty ON HER OWN. We are on day 3 of being totally dry…and we aren’t even wearing pull-ups.

I’m soooo going to write a book and make millions…”How to Potty Train in 3 Days…Without Lifting a Finger”



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