Apr 13

First time for everything

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Ok – so I’ve been tagged by Jennyonthespot for a meme. I don’t usually do memes…hmmm… maybe because I’ve never been tagged before? Gees, I feel so very special now. So this one is about 5 weird habits – you think I might have 5 weird habits? Better question is which 5 will I dare to share?

Here are the rules: “The first player of this game starts with the topic ‘five weird habits of yourself’, and people who get tagged need to write an entry about their five weird habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next five people to be tagged and link to their web journals. Don’t forget to leave a comment in their blog or journal that says, “You are tagged” (assuming they take comments) and tell them to read yours.”

1) I count things. A lot. I count stairs as I go up (but not down – now that IS weird, isn’t it?). I count when I walk – or run. I count when I stir something or when I’m putting dishes away. Funny thing is that one of the things I swore I wouldn’t do as a mother was count. “You come here right now. One…Two…” and to this day, I haven’t counted to my girls once. For a count-er, I feel quite proud of that accomplishment.

2) I rarely pick up my house but I clean it thoroughly – which means many days it is neither picked up nor clean. It’s all or nothing with me.

3) I have weird sleep patterns. I sleep in 2 shifts – the first from 10p until 2a and then again from 4a until 7a…or 8. I also used to love to set the alarm for Saturday morning – just so I could hit the snooze bar and go back to sleep. Notice I said used to. Kids changed that habit, otherwise I’d probably still be doing it.

4) Whenever I am trying to make a decision I make lists – and spreadsheets – and lists in spreadsheets.

5) I procrastinate.  This tag came over a year ago. See what I mean?

Wow – reading through this makes me wonder if I need to call up a counselor. I AM a bit off, no?

So – I’ll tag

Daneen, Heather, KP, Incabrain & Kristy

and I do expect a response…even if it is a YEAR later :)



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Apr 12

Rumor has it

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Rumor has it that incabrain is back at it again. I know – I am taking a huge risk that the tens of thousands who read my blog will ditch me for him as he is much more funny and his stories much more exciting that what landed in a diaper on any given day.  But, I miss incabrain. How ’bout you?



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Apr 12

Danger ahead…

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Have you noticed that when life gets busy, I don’t write? Busy doesn’t even begin to describe the last few weeks. I don’t know how single parents do this solo all the time - I really don’t – they get my utmost respect. We have had a good few weeks – I had some relief when my mom came for a visit and then my dad & Lynn – I think they all will need (and deserve) a vacation from their “vacation” here though.

Both girls have been testing me like crazy. But especially Clara – and Libby – but especially Clara. “My do!, My do!, My do!” is her favorite and most used phrase right now. She must do everything “hur-self”. It is a constant battle, however I have found one phrase that seems to halt her “my do” determination. If I tell her that something is dangerous – like a hot pan or a bottle of cleaner or something fragile (ok, so technically not dangerous but my reaction might be if she broke it) – she will accept that she can’t “do” it and will let me take care of it, saying, “Dangerous. Only Mamas-Papas do”.

So, tonight I’m changing a diaper on Miss My Do – a very nasty diaper at that (side note: WHY must they give them raisins at school? Don’t they know what raisins do to 2 year olds???) and Libby was trying to be helpful – offering wipes and commentary along the way. “Ohhh, Dada has BIG poo poo! Shew! Dada need more wipe” and reaches for Clara’s bottom. 

Before I can say anything – Clara pipes up, “No, Ibby, No! Das dangerous. Only Mamas-Papas do.”

Dangerous indeed, Clara, dangerous.



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