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Posted February 18th, 2003 under Gideon and Grace - My babies in Heaven by ScottP.

While we certainly run through our bouts of anger, confusion and disappointment, we are steadfast in our determination to not be defeated by the loss of Gideon and Grace.


To that end we’re asking you to refrain from sending flowers, cookies, balloons, etc. and instead spend that $15 – $100 on something more worthy. There are opportunities for you to do something meaningful in the memory of Gideon and Grace.

We would like to refer you to an organization that had an impact on us during these last two weeks called, Hannah’s Prayer Ministries. This organization mobilizes an incredible prayer network for people going through fertility treatment, troubled pregnancy and loss of children. During our time in the hospital, our troubled spirits were poorly attended to by the hospital. They have phenomenal medical care, and a caring nursing staff, but no one is equipped to guide you through the intense fear and pain you experience along the way.


Also – we are fortunate to incur very little cost with this experience. Others are not so fortunate. We’ve heard stories of people who sell – literally – everything they own in order to conceive a child, or keep them well cared for if that child has special needs.


Hundreds of people out there reached out to us over the internet via this organization. Please consider donating to them in Gideon and Grace’s name.

Here is a note from Jenni Saake, Founder of Hannah’s Prayer Ministries:


“I am again moved to tears as I read your message this morning. I too have been praying that God will use Grace and Gideon’s lives to grow His kingdom here on earth. I feel awed that you would choose Hannah’s Prayer as an avanue for God to work. Please be sure and ask those donating to let us know that their donation is in the name of Grace and Gideon Pickle.


Memorial donations may be sent by postal mail to: Hannah’s Prayer Ministries PO Box 168 Hanford, CA 93232-0168 USA


Donations may also be made via credit card online through by directing funds to the email address of


For more information about our ministry background and financial issues, you are welcome to visit where you will find that in understanding that infertility or the loss of your child can cause financial strain along with the emotional, physical and spiritual suffering, we do not want anyone to feel financially pressured by this ministry, thus are committed to not charging membership or subscription fees for our services. However, our only funding is through voluntary, tax-deductible (for those paying United States taxes) contributions, thus gifts and donations are greatly appreciated and are used prayerfully to help ease the pain of those who turn to us for comfort. This ministry has a “debt-free” policy and is only able to provide services as funds permit.”



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