Phoenix says, “Burn the scrunchies”

Posted August 15th, 2005 under Mothering by MicheleP.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a decent hair cut – even longer since I’ve had it “enhanced” with color. After a busy week with guests and teething babies, I decided that I needed to cash in one of my vacation days and have an “all about me” day.

I scheduled an early morning hair appointment – that way my hair would look cute for at least one full day. I had no idea where to go so I just found the salon that had the biggest ad. Biggest ad usually means biggest prices too but I figured since I only do this maybe 2X a year it’s worth it.

My stylist greeted me with a warm smile and a hug – her name was Phoenix – and she had at least 5 discernable colors in her hair. Uh oh. Maybe I chose poorly – I’m thinking her style and my style aren’t quite the same. What have I done? Oh well – it’s just hair – you can always change it, right? I sit in the chair and she starts asking the usual questions…

“What kind of product do you use?”

“I don’t”

“What do you dry your hair with?”

“I don’t”

“How do you usually style your hair?”

“Um. Did you see the scrunchie I came in with? That’s my style these days. I’m a stay at home mom…yada yada yada”

“Well, it doesn’t mean you have to LOOK LIKE ONE!”


Two hours later I emerged with much less hair and much more color. She managed to get three discernable colors in my hair – thankfully none of which were in the purple/red/orange family. It’s kinda sassy, and yes, I’m quite pleased with the outcome. Before I left, Phoenix took my head in her hands, shook it back and forth and said, “NO MORE SCRUNCHIES. BURN THE SCRUNCHIES!” I promised that I would be good – and that next time I came in for a trim I would be scrunchie-free.


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