All things broken

Posted December 13th, 2006 under Journey towards wholeness, Life by MicheleP.

Today Clara was determined to wear sunglasses but unfortunately her Dollar Store glasses had seen better days. She would put them on and one side would pop off. So what does she do? She brings them to Mama to fix of course! “Fis, Mama,” she said. But as soon as I could fix them, they would break again. We went through this at least 10 times before I had enough and told her the the glasses were broken. She looked up at me with sad eyes and confirmed, “Gasses boke?”  “Yep sweetie – they are broken. I’m sorry.” She sat there for a minute and and then looked at me again and then declared, “Gasses boke. Gasses tash.”  And with that, she marched over to the trashcan and deposited the glasses in the trash. Evidently she has picked up on the value of all things broken.

Later today I was listening to some music and the song ‘Broken and Beautiful’ by Mark Schultz came on. I’ve heard this song many times before but today I really stopped and listened to the words.

There’s a businessman, there’s a widowed wife
A smiling face with a shattered life
A teenage girl with a choice to make
It’s crowded here in church today

And the preacher says as the sermon ends
“Please close your eyes, bow your heads
Is there anyone in need of prayer,
Oh Jesus wants to meet you here”
Cause we all fall short, and we all have sinned
But when you let, God’s grace break in Well he’d never been to church before
But he came today as a last resort
His world was crashing in
And he was suffocating in his sinBut tears rolled down as hope rushed in
He closed his eyes, raised his hands
Worshipping the God who can
Bring him back to life again
And it’s beautiful, beautiful
Come as you are
Surrender your heart
Broken and beautiful, beautiful
Come as you are
Surrender your heart
Broken and beautiful

Cause there’s nothing more beautiful at all
Than when His sons and daughters call, broken

Broken and beautiful
Broken and beautiful
Broken and beautiful

Too often, I get into this self absorbed mentality that I must be strong all the time. That in order for God to use me, I must have it all together. That weakness is not useful or even desired. Afterall, who has a need for anything that is broken? Even my two year old children understand the value of all things broken. Broken = Trash.  And yet, the truth of the matter is that God can use me MORE through my brokenness than through my strength. Broken – not trash, not something to discard, not something that can’t be fixed. But beautiful.  


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