Getting Chipped

Posted March 4th, 2007 under Healthy me, Life by MicheleP.

Training with Chip is still going strong. Well, strong might not be the best descriptor but it’s still going. I’m to the point now where I no longer am comatose for an hour afterwards but am still getting my rear kicked twice a week. After seeing me one morning red faced and weary, Scott coined a new phrase when he asked “Did ya get Chipped today?” Yeah, funny guy he is.

I’ve found that Chip is fond – VERY fond – of the use of squats in training. And of course I HATE squats. Hate them more now than I ever did because just your run of the mill squat is not good enough for Sgt Chip. He likes enhanced thigh-and-butt-killing-squats holding weights, 15 pound balls, and using balance equipment. So the other day I mention,

“You really like to use squats, don’t you?”

(Smirking) “Yeah, I do – you get really good results with them.”

“Good results, huh? Guess I need some results in that area, huh?”

Long pause – afterall, he is keenly aware that I’m a PAYING customer.

“Nevermind. Don’t answer that one.”


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    Michele, that is just too funny…

    Comment by Renee — March 13, 2007 @ 7:27 pm

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