Somewhere between not and ready…

Posted July 28th, 2007 under Baby Logic, Clara and Libby by MicheleP.

It’s been a crazy week at our place – lots of drama, activity and excitement…because somewhere in the middle of “I’m not ready and she is,” Libs decided to potty train herself. Yep, that’s right – the kid just started using the potty ON HER OWN. We are on day 3 of being totally dry…and we aren’t even wearing pull-ups.

I’m soooo going to write a book and make millions…”How to Potty Train in 3 Days…Without Lifting a Finger”



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    My number two child was like that. After number one child, Mr. Slowpoke, took 3 1/2 years, I was quite surprised when my daughter just up and decided to start using the potty a month before her second birthday. I hadn’t even started to think about potty-training yet! It’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Although it has its downfalls, like when we’re in the back of the store and the bathrooms are in the front, and my daughter keeps having to “go”. That is when I take a deep breath and calmly take her to visit the restroom with my other children in tow for the third time in ten minutes.

    Comment by Sniz — July 31, 2007 @ 2:05 pm

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