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Posted October 27th, 2007 under Life, Moving, Puerto Rico by MicheleP.

As we walked out of the airport, Libby proclaims “I so excited. I never seen Puerto Rico before. Mom, it’s hot here.” :)

And THAT was at 10pm.

Yes, it is hot here – but only the air, evidently not necessarily the water. The girls are down for a nap so I just announced to Scott that I was headed for a nice, long shower. He asks if I was planning on a hot or cold one.

Right. I forgot.

See, you can get a hot shower here – you just have to plan ahead. This I learned this morning as I was trying to wash some dishes and kept waiting and waiting for hot water to come from the faucet. Then I noticed a RED switch on the wall. Evidently, you have to actually flip this switch to get hot water. Once this switch is on, THEN you will get hot water once it makes it way into the house (or something much more technical than that.)

So I just flipped the switch and am now waiting for my hot water to arrive.

Our trip was relatively uneventful – despite our complete failure of Packing 101. We did manage to get everything most everything into the rental car and to the condo. However, one of us will be making a return trip to the airport for what wouldn’t fit. No better way to look like Gringos that to pack like one – eh?




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    i’m so glad you all made it safely!!
    wow you sure did have you some luggage:)

    Comment by andrea (hp) — October 27, 2007 @ 7:48 pm

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    Glad you made it there in one piece!
    I remember visiting a friend in Costa Rica and there was this metal wire plugged into the wall and wired into the shower head that was to create “hot” water. I’m sure it sounds scary to just read about it – imagine trying to get into a shower with that type of set up. I was a bit leary even though they swore it was safe…I still unplugged it and took cold showers the whole time. heh.
    Don’t forget…C is for hot and H is for cold! ;-)

    Comment by Happy Mom — October 27, 2007 @ 9:59 pm

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    So happy to hear you made it – however it happened – Gringos :)

    Comment by jennyonthespot — October 28, 2007 @ 12:13 am

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    Hey Guys!
    I’m so glad you all made it here safe and sound. To the girls’ relief, it is now COLD. Thanks to all the rain…

    Once you get settled into you new home you should look into solar heating pannels. They are SO worth it. You get your scalding hot water right away. And, as an added bonus, you save $$$$ on the electric bill!

    Can’t wat to see you guys again. Call me if you need anything.

    Comment by Random Reader — October 28, 2007 @ 5:11 pm

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