Family Fun – Culebra (take 2)

Posted April 23rd, 2008 under All in the family, Life, Trips & Tours by MicheleP.

Our guests told us they were game for an adventure and thus we decided to give Culebra another shot (and yes, we did provide full disclosure as to what transpired on our last trip to Culebra). We planned out the day – go on a Monday to avoid large crowds, we would take the ferry over AND back this time, and we packed no shortage of food, water and sunscreen.

When we arrived in Fajardo we were pleasantly surprised to see no line at the ticket window. There are two things that we’ve been told about getting to Culebra by the locals: 1)get reservations and 2)buy a round trip ticket. Well, we were never able to reach anyone on the phone to get reservations (no real surprise there) and they would not sell us a round-trip ticket.  I’m really not sure what we are doing wrong with our travel to/from Culebra.  Clearly we are missing it somewhere – I don’t know – maybe it’s some mean gringo joke and there really isn’t such a thing as a reservation or a round trip ticket to Culebra? Nevertheless, we boarded right on time and had a very uneventful hour and a half trip over. And with no use for the special white bags they distributed 1/2 way through the sailing – it was a blessed trip indeed.

Once we arrived at Culebra, we boarded a bus for Flamenco beach and we were off…

And so was: THE SUN.

We really felt we had thought through everything – and I think we did – we just never bothered to check a weather report. Culebra gets a relatively small amount of rain per year (35 inches per year, I’m told) and the climate actually resembles that of a desert in many ways – except of course, the two days that WE have visited.The rain started as soon as we got to the beach and and let up about the time we were packing up to go for the day ;)  Thankfully, Scott had packed a tent at the last minute which at the time I probably made some snide remark about him taking “everything and the kitchen sink”. But it turned out to be probably the most useful thing we did take as it came in handy to have a dry place to store all our things…and it also kept Grammy nice a dry as well :)

Despite the rain – we had a really good time. Turns out, people don’t really go to the beach on stormy days so we pretty much had the place to ourselves and once you got in the water you forgot all about the rain.

Flamenco Beach


Abby enjoying the waves


Sarah having fun on the beach


Waiting for the ferry home - no problems getting tickets back this time! And notice our lack of sunburn? See,  blessings all around.




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    I cannot believe how gorgeous the scenery is there. Puerto Rico has moved to the top of my list of places to visit…

    Comment by Amanda — April 23, 2008 @ 7:13 pm

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    We have been told the same things i.e 1) get a round-trip ticket 2) it is not possible to buy a round-trip… I don’t get it either!!?
    The second time I went to Playa Flamenco, in December, it rained as well for a while but the sun came out very quickly. I hope that you will have better weather next time – third time lucky… And yes, the first time with the ferry people [all locals] were sick all over, except for us because we had followed the advice of the guidebook and taken some seasick pills :D

    Comment by Petra — April 24, 2008 @ 10:07 am

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