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Posted June 2nd, 2008 under All in the family, Life, Moving, Puerto Rico by MicheleP.

Where everybody knows your name (and pronounces it correctly…)

And so, after a week of being really homesick, and longing for all things familiar, and driving my husband a little crazy with my emotional outbursts – we’re gonna do what everyone else here is doing and head home :)

We’ll get to spend the month of July in and around Arkansas. I know, I know, there is not a worse month to be in Arkansas – can anyone say heat, humidity and bugs? But also family, friends and lots of A/C so we’ll be just dandy :)

And you KC folks…Scott has to work there at some point in July so we are hoping for a little jaunt up your way as well…stay tuned! 



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    Oooh, that’s great news Michele! I’m happy that you get to go home too!
    And well, people say that July is the worst month in PR too (together with August) so hopefully it will be a little less horrible in Arkansas and at least you will be surrounded by family and friends!
    I’m also heading home, already on the 18th June, can’t wait – and I won’t complain once if it rains and it’s cold the whole time in Sweden :D (but of course I will feel sorry for the ones who have been looking forward to a great summer all year)

    Comment by Petra — June 2, 2008 @ 9:31 am

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    Good for you! That will be so fun! Maybe the bugs won’t be too bad! :)

    Comment by Leigh Ann — June 2, 2008 @ 12:33 pm

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    Will you make it to Dallas during your visit?

    Comment by Kristi — June 2, 2008 @ 8:02 pm

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    Keep us posted and maybe we can get a group of us together for dinner.

    Comment by Happy Mom — June 2, 2008 @ 8:09 pm

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    Sung to the tune of Camptown Races
    Picolo is coming home – Yippee Skippy
    Picolo is coming home – Home to Arkansas
    Home to Arkansas
    Home to Arkansas
    Picolo is coming home – Home to Arkansas

    HEY – I DID NOT say it would be creative, I just said it could be sung!! Anyway, it’s the tune, that I am singing in my head!! I cannot WAIT so see you and the girlies.

    Comment by Becky — June 3, 2008 @ 9:10 am

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    Oh, I’m so happy for you guys!!! Hopefully we’ll get to see y’all when you come through KS!

    Comment by Addie — June 4, 2008 @ 8:48 am

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    We’re going to Arkansas in July too, and I’m already dreading the heat and humidity!!! Oh, and the mosquitos too. :(

    Comment by Meredith — June 5, 2008 @ 10:40 pm

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