Culebra (take 3??)

Posted June 27th, 2008 under Puerto Rico, Trips & Tours by MicheleP.

Well, I had planned a wonderful post titled “Culebra – Take 3” and it was going to be the “On going to Culebra – 3rd time is a charm…”

Scott took the day off Wednesday as Heather and I planned to spend the day relaxing and taking in some serious sun on Culebra. We got up early (I’m quite certain Heather’s eyes have not seen the likes of 5AM in a long while), packed all our stuff and headed to Fajardo to catch the ferry at 9:00. We arrived in Fajardo about 7:30 – a good hour and a half before the ferry was supposed to leave – and we got in line.

It has been stormy here for two days and unfortunately every tourist on the island of Puerto Rico had also been waiting to go to Culebra until today.

Around 8 they actually started selling the tickets. At nearly 9 (when the ferry was scheduled to depart) we were still a good ways back in the line (and there were at least 65 people behind us) when they announced “no mas boletos”.



Ok, so time to put Plan B into place. Wait, we don’t have a Plan B. 

There is another island that the ferry terminal serves. Vieques is larger but not near as popular and the line to Vieques was short. We looked at each other, “Well, wanna go to Vieques?” and since we were in our swimsuits and prepared for a day at the beach, we hopped over to the line for Vieques and were able to get tickets. With tickets in hand, we went inside the terminal to wait for our ferry to board at 9:30. At about 9:40 we realized that we didn’t see anyone in the terminal who wasn’t waiting in line for the Culebra ferry.


We had a moment of panic. I mean, neither of us speak Spanish…but is it possible we missed an entire ferry boarding?

We walked outside and saw someone handing a ticket to a ferry worker. We asked where they were going. Vieques. Evidently we had bought tickets for the cargo boat and it was loading OUTSIDE. No sooner did we get onboard and sit down did the whistle blow and we departed. We figured we were about 2 minutes from totally missing the boat.

The ride over was nice – and by nice I mean because we had each taken 2 Dramamine tablets. From the looks (and sounds) of those around us, those 2 tablets were our best decision of the day.


All in all, it was a great day – the beach was beautiful although the sea was a bit rough and the wind rather strong. Neither of us was ready to go home when it was time to return at 3.





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