All good things – do they really have to end?

Posted July 1st, 2008 under All in the family, Puerto Rico, Trips & Tours by MicheleP.

Yesterday we said goodbye to Heather. There were some tears. I had so much fun having my friend here. It’s been way too long since I’ve been able to hang out with a friend like Heather. Scott summed Heather up well when he said, “Heather is a perfect friend because she brings out the real you.” I don’t have to pretend ANYTHING with her. I can just be who I am and she loves me…maybe even LIKES me for it…and that’s, well, it’s just priceless.

I had planned on doing daily blogs of all of our adventures…but then the internet wasn’t behaving and then, well, I really didn’t think I should share details of our complete laziness day by day (we did eventually get out of pajamas each day – although some days we only made it as far as swimsuits). So, I’ll just give you a few of the highlights in pictures.

We spent one day in Old San Juan and the Fort…in Heather’s words, “It’s really old.” She’s quite profound like that.



We finally wised up and rode the free trolleys through town. Why it took us 6 months to figure this out, I don’t know – but it’s the best way to see the city and save your feet in the process.

We enjoyed a day on the island of Vieques


We spent days at the beach and by the pool (but since Heather and I have a pact that we don’t post pics of each other in swimsuits…you won’t be seeing any photo evidence of these days

We also ate. A lot.

Including fresh strawberry shortcake


And a night of some serious fondue fun


Or, rather, not so serious…but fun…


(and this should totally be Heather’s new facebook photo)


And even though we enjoyed our day on the island of Culebra Vieques - we made plans to try again – but this time we were determined to actually make it to Culebra ;) . So what do you think…were we successful or not?



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    for the last picture, you are a stinker. a stinky stinker, in fact. (and for the record, that is the worst kind.) couldn’t you have photoshopped out my bra strap? sheesh.

    i am pretty hot though.

    Comment by Heather Sanders — July 1, 2008 @ 11:38 pm

  • 2

    Oh – but the bra strap only adds to the hot-ness…reeeeeeally

    Comment by MicheleP — July 2, 2008 @ 4:53 am

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