Halloween Memories

Posted November 2nd, 2008 under Clara and Libby, Life, Puerto Rico by MicheleP.

As my children get older, so much of our holiday traditions stem from what I experienced as a child. As a kid, I LOVED Halloween. LOVED it.

My costumes were never that creative. I remember a Wonder Woman costume that I wore at least 2 years and a clown with a plastic mask that made my face sweat. Other than that, I think I was a ghost every other year (white sheet and scissors and done).

I remember having parties at school with cookies and such and then coming home and the anticipation for the big night of trick or treating. Having to eat dinner was torture because for me, it was all about the candy. I remember trick or treating with my best girlfriends each year. We always made sure to hit the one house in the neighborhood that gave out FULL SIZE candy bars. I still remember where that house was too – on Butterfly Cove. We thought of ways we could change our costumes and double-back but never had the guts to try it (rumor had it that they took note of everyone who visited).

And Halloween didn’t end on the 31st for me. I would set up and play store with my candy. And when I would run out, I would raid my brother’s candy because he was one of those strange kids that actually saved his candy. He would hide it and I would find it. My system worked well until he starting keeping a written inventory of his candy. I never could figure out how to beat that system.

And so with my girls, even though I’m not a fan of candy for them (it’s totally okay for me, btw), I want them to have fun and experience the fun of the day too.

We started the day by making Halloween buckets. I was being cheap and didn’t want to buy some but wanted something a little more than a pillowcase – so we pulled out the Easter buckets and with some construction paper, glue and stickers, transformed Easter into Halloween. (I’m quite certain that someone somewhere has something philosophical to say about that but I was thinking frugality here).


After we made our buckets we spent some time “decorating” the house by coloring pumpkins and taping them to the door “so all the kids could see them”. Next up was the cookie making – the girls LOVED this. I think as much icing went into their mouths as went onto the cookies.



We can’t leave any food out here – as it will 1)melt and 2)attract many bugs so we put the cookies in the fridge for safe keeping. When Scott came home from work that evening, Libby was so excited to show him the cookies that she ran to the fridge and started to pull out the tray of cookies. Visions of smashed cookies raced in my head and thankfully I stopped her mid pull and she closed the door. Whew! Crisis averted!


A few minutes later when Scott went to the fridge, the tray of cookies which was now precariously perched on the shelf came crashing down to the floor.


No worries – the night was just beginning and there was much sugar to be had!

After dinner, the girls got their costumes on and headed out with Scott and three friends who joined us for the evening.


At about the 5th house, a young costumed boy and his mom answered the door. After handing candy to our kids, his mama tells him, “Okay, go ahead, you can go with them.”

Did I mention we have never met these people before? Ever.

Scott must have had a rather surprised look on his face that prompted her to ask, “Oh, you don’t mind, do you?”

And so a great night was enjoyed by the girls and their three four friends.








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    so is trick-or-treating kosher in Costa Rica, or are you in an ex-pat American community? I thought it was an american thing.

    Comment by Julie — November 2, 2008 @ 9:15 pm

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    Julie – in PUERTO RICO ;) the kids do trick or treat just like in the states. The only main difference I noticed is that they sing a song as they walk up to your door (vs just ringing the bell and saying “trick or treat” after you open the door) – something about “trick or treat – you can’t hide – we see you in there” I’ll have to find the lyrics somewhere or maybe one of my gracious PR readers (Tasia??) will post them :)

    Comment by MicheleP — November 2, 2008 @ 9:22 pm

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    I love this post. You are a good mama. There was no decorating cookies here. Just nursing a baby and screaming, “Don’t forget your broom!!!” to the witch as she flew out of my door!

    Comment by Sara Campbell — November 3, 2008 @ 12:39 am

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    What fun memories! But, really, some random person sent their child with an absolute stranger to trick or treat? Really? Now that’s scary!

    Comment by Happy Mom — November 3, 2008 @ 4:24 pm

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    It’s true, Happy Mom, it’s true.

    Comment by MicheleP — November 3, 2008 @ 4:37 pm

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