It’s February 11th…Again.

Posted February 11th, 2009 under Gideon and Grace - My babies in Heaven by MicheleP.

I have this feeling that I’m supposed to write. Something. Anything. A million different thoughts linger in my foggy head. And yet once again – I’m left without words. Or at least no words that seem appropriate or worthy or fitting for this season of remembrance. It is quite fitting, however, that we’ve had several straight days of rain here. As much as I know in my head that the rain is refreshing and needed for renewal and growth, I long for it to end and for the sun to come out and dry everything up again.



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    If winter comes, can spring be far behind?
    –Shelley, “Ode to the West Wind”

    Comment by Skipper Pickle — February 11, 2009 @ 9:55 am

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    Praying, sweet friend. Praying.

    Comment by Traci — February 11, 2009 @ 11:45 am

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    Praying Michele!

    Comment by Jessie — February 11, 2009 @ 11:51 am

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    Yes, it is February 11th again. My birthday always triggers prayers for my sweet friend that endured every mommy’s nightmare with such grace that it was clearly supernatural. Looking forward to meeting your other twins one day. You will always be a mommy to 4. I love you.

    Comment by Sara Campbell — February 11, 2009 @ 2:08 pm

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    Remebering with you, and praying for you…

    Comment by Sandi — February 11, 2009 @ 8:26 pm

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    I have been thinking about you both all week. You are in our thoughts.

    Comment by Misty & Shawn — February 11, 2009 @ 9:16 pm

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    Even with a small understanding of your grief, there are no words to say. I’m still ever so sorry for your loss…

    Comment by Amanda — February 11, 2009 @ 9:21 pm

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    I wish I were close by to give you a hug!

    Comment by Kelly — February 12, 2009 @ 10:07 am

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    Praying for you and Scott as you miss Grace and Gideon.

    Comment by Thelma — February 12, 2009 @ 11:21 am

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