What a woman will do for good cup of coffee

Posted May 18th, 2005 under Life by MicheleP.

Today I realized I was out of coffee “love” (coffee love is creamer – I don’t drink un-loved coffee) and I had a decision to make… either go to the grocery store in my pajamas and get some love or drive the 20 minutes to Starbucks and go through the drive-through… I decided on the Starbucks.

So – after I fed the girls, I loaded them in the car and off we went. It usually takes about 20 minutes to get there – except that I’m used to going out later in the day – not at prime “everyone get in your car at the same time and go to work” time – gosh, people are still doing that? How quickly I forget. I get to Starbucks (it took me 30 minutes to get there) and there are at least 12 cars in line. No way the girls are going to be happy sitting in the car for that long (you know the game – love the car…as long as it’s moving). So I had a decision to make – go with no coffee or unload everyone and go inside… in my pajamas.

I didn’t drive this far to give up now – so I got out the double stroller and put both girls in, did my best to put my hair in a ponytail (without a brush), grabbed my wallet and headed in. In Seattle – I would have looked just as good as anyone else in there but this is the South – and people just don’t go out without hair fixed AND make-up on and wouldn’t even consider going anywhere in their pajamas (shhh – don’t tell my mom about this). I swear my neighbor gets fixed up to go get her morning paper – seriously.

As I walked in – I got lots of stares - I get stares everywhere I go so I just told myself that everyone was staring at my cute girls and not at their frumpy mom with her bed-head and stained pjs on (after I got out of the car I realized that my pjs had spit up on both shoulders – nice touch).

BUT – I got a great cup of coffee that I’m determined to make last all morning long. AHHH – what I’ll do for a good cup of coffee.



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