Time for firsts…

Posted July 24th, 2005 under Baby Notes by MicheleP.

We are experiencing a lot of firsts these past few weeks… learning to crawl and even trying to stand; eating new foods and drinking from a sippy cup and going to the nursery for the first time!!!! Yep! I did it – I put my girls in the nursery and guess what – they survived – and so did I :)

Scott and I are searching for a church here and while the girls are very well-behaved in church, they don’t seem to understand that when everyone else is quiet – that they should be too. They love to giggle and squeal – especially during prayer so today we took them to the nursery and they did so well. When we returned, we found Clara happily engrossed in an Exersaucer and Libby sitting in someone’s lap loving life.


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